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Nordsol and DBG Bio Energy B.V. to collaborate on green Bio-LNG production in the Netherlands

Nordsol and DBG Bio Energy B.V. announce project to produce Bio-LNG from industrial organic waste in the Netherlands.

On Wednesday, 2nd of June 2021, Nordsol and DBG Bio Energy B.V. announced the signing of an agreement to collaborate on the development of a new Bio-LNG installation in the Netherlands. The plant will be operated by DBG Bio Energy B.V., while Nordsol will supply the equipment and provide expertise in the permitting processes.

What is the aim of the project?

The goal of the project is to convert cellulose-containing industrial organic waste from the paper industry into Bio-LNG, food grade liquid CO2 and organic fertilizer. The plant is expected to produce about 15,000 of Bio-LNG and 150,000 tonnes of fertiliser from 270,000 tonnes of industrial waste on a yearly basis. The produced Bio-LNG will be the equivalent of more than 60 million kilometres of CO2 neutral driving.

According to the environmental impact assessment of the project, it is expected that the project will save over 77,600 tonnes of CO2eq. on a yearly basis. The savings come from the replacement of traditional fuels in transport to Bio-LNG and the production of food grade liquid CO2. On the more technical side, the overall process is expected to result in a net greenhouse gas emissions savings of 111,5g of CO2eq. per MJ of biofuel output.

According to the companies, Bio-LNG will play an essential role in decarbonizing heavy-duty road and water transport, as electrification of large trucks and ships is a very challenging process, while Bio-LNG technology is available today. The Bio-LNG which DBG Bio Energy B.V. aims to produce can be stored and distributed using existing LNG infrastructure.

Who are the stakeholders?

DBG Bio Energy B.V., is a company owned partly by Hive Energy, with the goal to produce biogas and fertilizers from industrial waste, thereby working to reduce climate change and to create transformational change for a cleaner future.

Nordsol is a company committed to make Bio-LNG mainstream, as a clean and safe advanced biofuel by connecting the waste management and transport fuels sectors.

This article is courtesy of Nordsol and DBG Bio Energy B.V.

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