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  • Going beyond Well-to-Wheel: Life Cycle Emissions

    A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique that provides an emissions estimation over the entire lifetime of a vehicle. Why is it important to measure vehicle emissions with an LCA and what can we learn from it?

    02 Oct 2019

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  • CO2 emissions and carbon neutrality

    Decarbonization is a major concern for the transport sector as, despite the continuous progress in improving vehicle efficiency, energy demand from the sector is growing. This article is touching upon the right CO2 measurement instrument and fuels to get the job done.

    25 Sep 2019

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  • The European Green Deal: time to start!

    The climate change phenomena and the protection of our environment, starting with air and water quality, are at the heart of an intense calendar for the next legislative period. This is an important opportunity to relaunch the debate about new energies, for and around the future of mobility and transport.

    24 Sep 2019

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Positions papers


  • Vehicle Catalogue 2019

    The NGVA Europe Vehicle Catalogue 2019 offers an overview with comparable data of 68 vehicles that are currently available in Europe: from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, over trucks to buses. Together with general information, the catalogue also provides short information about environmental and fuel price benefits of gas in transport.

    01 Sep 2019

  • Gas in transport manifesto ⁠— policy recommendations

    This gas in transport manifesto includes information about what gmobility is, why it is necessary, our vision and our 5 policy recommendations.

    08 Jul 2019

  • Report of Activities 2017-2018

    The Report of Activities 2017-2018 provides an overview about our activities as association and our vision about the role of natural gas as a transport fuel. You can download the Report of Activit

    14 Dec 2018