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  • Vehicle Catalogue 2019

    The NGVA Europe Vehicle Catalogue 2019 offers an overview with comparable data of 68 vehicles that are currently available in Europe: from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, over trucks to buses. Together with general information, the catalogue also provides short information about environmental and fuel price benefits of gas in transport.

    01 Sep 2019

  • Gas in transport manifesto ⁠— policy recommendations

    This gas in transport manifesto includes information about what gmobility is, why it is necessary, our vision and our 5 policy recommendations.

    08 Jul 2019

  • Report of Activities 2017-2018

    The Report of Activities 2017-2018 provides an overview about our activities as association and our vision about the role of natural gas as a transport fuel. You can download the Report of Activit

    14 Dec 2018