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Lidl Switzerland uses biogas trucks for service

After the commissioning of a first fleet of LNG trucks, Lidl Switzerland now uses compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to supply its stores.

Supplied exclusively with biogas thanks to a partnership concluded at the Weinfelden methanation site, the first two CNG trucks have just been put into service. They join an initial fleet of 30 LNG-powered trucks.

What was once waste…

“Using local renewable energy as fuel makes good ecological sense. What was once waste will now supply the trucks with biogas from Lidl Switzerland, among others. The collaboration with Lidl Switzerland shows how successful the transition to renewable fuels can be ”, says Michael Frick, Head of TBW Market.

In Switzerland, Lidl already provides 40% of its freight transport using alternative fuels. Wishing to supply all of its stores without fossil fuels by 2030, the brand has also embarked on the use of synthetic natural gas as part of a “Power to Gas” program led by the laboratory. Swiss Empa.

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