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NGVA Europe has merged with Eurogas

Effective 1 January 2024, NGVA Europe has merged with Eurogas, which will carry on representing the transport sector in all matters related to gas. For the latest information on developments in the sector, as well as Eurogas’ activities, be sure to follow them on LinkedIn and X, and visit their website to learn more.


To provide reliable information and statistics on gmobility.
To create accurate standards, fair regulations and equal market conditions for gmobility.
To offer a networking platform and engagement opportunities among gmobility stakeholders.


NGVA Europe’s members meet once a year during the General Assembly and appoint a Board of Directors as the governing body of the association. An Executive Board is formed on the basis of the Board of Directors. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the association. NGVA Europe Secretariat and Working Group members report on their activities to the General Assembly during the annual gathering. NGVA Europe consists of three main Working Committees covering Communications&Events, Technical Activities and the National Corner; Members have the possibility to join and work in any of the established Working Group within the Committees, and can advise on the committee’s’ composition.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors currently consists of 24 members. They elect an Executive Committee consisting of the President, the Senior Vice-President, the Secretary and three Vice-Presidents, as well as the Financial and the Election Committees. The Board of Directors meets at least three times per year to define the priorities, strategy and annual budget of NGVA Europe, which is then submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

Our team


  • Matthias Maedge

    Secretary General

  • Alberto Castagnini

    Senior Technical Manager

  • Flavio Mariani

    Technical Advisor

Our members

NGVA Europe enables a united and strong voice in Europe for the natural gas vehicles industry. Our members include companies and national associations from across entire vehicle manufacturing chain: gas companies, car manufacturers, components producers, national associations, gas suppliers and distributors, as well as fuelling stations.

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