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NGVA Europe strives to encourage EU decision-makers to create fair regulations and accurate standards on issues pertinent to the developments of gas in transport. Using gas in transport contributes to improving air quality and achieving decarbonisation. Gas can also be renewable, accelerating transport decarbonisation with clean, carbon-neutral mobility.

  • Supporting CNG and LNG infrastructure development through EU legislation

    The Directive of Alternative Fuels Implementation (DAFI) and harmonised standards are necessary to roll out use of CNG- and LNG-fuelled transport in the EU.

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  • Technology-neutral approach to transport decarbonisation

    Ensuring that the EU transitions to low-carbon mobility and improves air quality on a technology-neutral basis is fundamental.

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  • Renewable gas accelerates decarbonisation

    Natural gas as a fuel for both light- and heavy-duty vehicles has vast potential to significantly reduce the GHG emissions from transport. Blending it with renewable gas contributes to further transport decarbonisation and offers significant emissions reduction potential for the future.

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  • Using natural gas as fuels contributes to better air quality

    Natural gas as a transport fuel has potential to improve air quality in urban areas. In addition to low GHG emissions, natural gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel to guarantee particulate-free combustion and drastically reduce NOx and NMHC emissions.

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  • Using renewable gas in transport should be incentivised

    Biomethane offers a clever way to produce clean, high-quality fuel from local waste, and can foster the circular economy.

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  • Transparent and clear fuel pricing system

    Customers should receive accurate and objective information in order to make an informed decision. As such a transparent and clear fuel pricing system is needed for all fuels.

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  • Favourable fuel price taxation

    Natural gas contributes to decarbonisation and air quality improvement in in a cost-effective way and is already available. Fuel taxation should favour alternative fuels like natural and renewable gas.

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