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24 February 2022

1€ per kilo: OrangeGas freezes bio-CNG price

Gas supplier OrangeGas intends to maintain a price of one Euro per kilogram for its regeneratively produced bio-CNG until the end of 2022.

OrangeGas introduces uniform prices for bio-CNG nationwide. The new pricing strategy makes it easier for customers to calculate costs. The filling station operator sees this measure as a further building block in positioning the climate-friendly, cost-effective and 100% regenerative bio-CNG as an alternative to fossil diesel, and especially among fleet operators and logistics companies.

"CNG drivers have always appreciated the convenience of constant prices over time as an advantage over petrol and diesel. Now we're going one step further and standardizing the price for bio-CNG at our filling stations in Germany," says Johan Bloemsma, Head of Germany OrangeGas.

With this measure, however, OrangeGas has fleet operators and logistics companies in particular in mind: "We want these customers to be able to easily calculate the use of bio-CNG," explains Bloemsma. It doesn't matter whether it's a city car or a 40-ton truck when calculating the consumption costs, and it also doesn't matter where or when you fill up.

The demand for vehicles powered with regenerative bio-CNG is currently increasing, especially among logistics companies, food logistics and regional transport companies. The fuel costs are very low because no CO2 tax has to be paid and the energy tax for CNG is reduced. In addition, due to the elimination of truck tolls, the additional price for these climate-friendly vehicles often pay for themselves within only two years. "With bio-CNG, cost savings of 10 000€ per year and truck are possible when comparing to diesel – and this already includes the additional expense for the CNG drive," emphasizes Bloemsma.

Climate protection immediately: practical and inexpensive

Climate protection is also becoming more and more important for companies (see for example Amazon or DHL). Instead of waiting and continuing to drive with fossil diesel and petrol, switching to 100% regenerative bio-CNG is a quick and economic solution.

And switching to gas fuel is currently the most effective measure for climate protection for anyone who has to drive a car, van or truck. These CNG and LNG vehicles are fully compatible to any amount of biomethane (as bio-CNG and bio-LNG). Biomethane or synthetic gas, produced from renewable sources, can reduce CO2 emissions significantly, or even yield negative greenhouse gas emissions. Long ranges, low costs and short refuelling times are among the other advantages of the sustainably produced fuel.


This Market News Article is based on the related OrangeGas’ Press Release that can be accessed here

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