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Natural gas emits much less CO2 as a vehicle fuel

Clean fuel, clean combustion

Natural gas contains less carbon than traditional hydrocarbon fuels and therefore emits much less CO2 as a vehicle fuel. Because NGVs start with cleaner fuel and have a very clean combustion process, it is easier to guarantee good emissions performance during the lifetime of the vehicle. For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, CO2 emissions are are 7% lower than diesel and 23% lower than gasoline; for trucks and buses, the reductions are 6% and 16%, respectively. Additionally, NGVs are much cleaner in terms of local pollutants such as particulates, sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides.

Emitting less than conventional fuels

Increasing energy efficiency

The full potential of gas engines has not yet been deployed. Optimised gas engines, using direct injection and higher compression ratios, will become as energy efficient as diesel engines, meaning greater CO2 emission reduction can be achieved. While NGVs emit approximately 23% less CO2 than gasoline, which is substantial, savings compared with diesel, at around 7%, are more modest.

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