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22 November 2021

Decarbonisation of transport done right: Amazon orders 1064 CNG trucks

Transport giant Amazon just ordered 1064 gas-powered Iveco S-WAY trucks to support its European operations. The company will not operate the blue-grey painted tractors with its own company logo itself, but will make the trucks available to its transport service providers all across Europe.

Following Iveco’s recent press release, Amazon has already taken delivery of the first batch of 216 units, while another 848 units have been ordered with deliveries to be started in the middle of 2022.

This represents a huge leap towards the decarbonisation of Amazon’s fleet and follows the order of more than 700 gas trucks for the American market as reported by Reuters earlier this year. Then, the company commented in a statement: “Amazon is excited about introducing new sustainable solutions for freight transportation and is working on testing a number of new vehicle types including electric, CNG and others”.

The European order of 1,064 trucks are powered by the state-of-the-art FPT Industrial Cursor 13 Natural Gas engines and equipped with 1052-liter CNG tanks, the largest available, with the expectation that they will yield an impressive range of 620 km between refuelling. The 848 units on order for delivery in 2022 will also feature IVECO Driver Pal, the Brand’s trailblazing on-board vocal driver companion with Amazon Alexa features.

Gerrit Marx, designated Chief Executive Officer of Iveco Group, said: “We have been pioneering gas propulsion technology for 25 years, developing solutions that allow operators to make significant reductions in emissions right now. Collaboration with global leaders like Amazon is a testament to the robust capability of our innovative products and our unyielding commitment to the industry objective of decarbonizing transport by 2050.”

Gas in transport is a mature technology with not only high engine efficiency and performance, widespread infrastructure and low total cost of ownership (TCO), but also great environmental benefits. While Amazon has ordered CNG trucks, LNG trucks are another viable solution that also provides a quick and cost-effective method to decarbonise road transport and improve air quality in cities. Both CNG and LNG trucks (also gas cars, vans and buses) are fully compatible to any amount of biomethane. Biomethane or synthetic gas, produced from renewable sources, can reduce CO2 emissions significantly, or even yield negative greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, Marx commented that the “Iveco Group will continue leading the way in combustion engines running on renewable fuels, the only viable solution already available at scale on the market to reduce emissions. Let’s not forget that a CNG truck powered by bio-methane can cut CO2 emissions by up to 95% from a well-to-wheel CO2 measuring approach, effectively contributing to the decarbonization process.”

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