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Zukunft Gas is an initiative of Germany’s natural gas industry. It represents the brand and product of NATURAL GAS and COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) and is the contact point for consumers, policymakers and market partners. Together with its members, Zukunft Gas seeks to utilize the potential of this energy source and is committed to publicizing the opportunities and possibilities NATURAL GAS offers the for the energy revolution, today and in the future. As an affordable, environmentally friendly and innovative source of energy, NATURAL GAS is used in every second household in Germany. Available at more than 900 filling stations, COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) is more than just alternative and cost-efficient fuel; it also significantly reduces noise pollution as well as emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxide and particulates from road traffic. 100,000 natural gas vehicles are already on the road in Germany. Zukunft Gas is supported by leading companies in the natural gas sector. Industry associations and heating suppliers support the initiative as partners.

ZukunftGas offers various services for CNG and LNG refueling stations. Our core business is the construction of turnkey refueling stations for the natural gas industry. Further, we gather authority approvals, do the engineering of the components and take over construction site management. So far Zukunft Gas realized more than 500 projects since 2003 in Germany. The definition of standardized refueling components and a multivendor-capability strategy enabled Zukunft ERDGAS to offer cost-efficient refueling stations. We complement our service by maintenance services for dispensers and in-service inspections according to the national regulations.

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