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Fluxys is the independent operator of both the natural gas transmission grid and storage infrastructure in Belgium. The company also operates the Zeebrugge LNG terminal. Driven by its first-mover approach, Fluxys has developed its infrastructure into the veritable crossroads for international gas flows in Western Europe.

Indicative investment programme for 2010-2019: €2.1 billion

The Fluxys group’s indicative investment programme for 2010-2019 includes infrastructure projects in transmission, storage as well as LNG terminalling and requires spending of €2.1 billion.

Legal and regulatory framework

A regulated system for natural gas transmission, storage and LNG terminalling applies to the current legal and regulatory framework in Belgium.

Transmission – Domestic transmission of natural gas for supply to customers in Belgium and border-to-border transmission of natural gas through Belgium.

Storage-Buffer capacity to cover peak demand

LNG terminalling- Facilities used for unloading liquefied natural gas, and temporarily storing it in LNG tanks. LNG is regasified and injected depending on demand into the grid for transmission. The facilities can also be used for loading LNG carriers.

Hub services- Huberator provides ancillary services for natural gas trading on the Zeebrugge Hub, one of the largest spot markets for natural gas in Europe.

Operational support services- GMSL monitors nominations for natural gas movements and transfers on continental European grids, the UK and Irish grids, subsea pipelines in the North Sea and natural gas production fields

Services for connected companies- Services for the end users connected to the Fluxys grid.

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