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Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator – DESFA


The Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) was founded in 2007 and is the owner of the National Natural Gas System (NNGS), consisting of the high pressure National Natural Gas Transmission System and the LNG Terminal in the islet of Revithoussa, having full and exclusive rights on the operation, management, utilization and development of the NNGS and its interconnections, according to European and national legislation. In 2018, DESFA’s ownership changed after SENFLUGA Energy Infrastructure Holdings S.A., consisting of Europe’s top three natural gas transmission companies, Snam, Enagas, and Fluxys, acquired 66% of the company’s share capital, which is of strategic importance for Greece’s role in the energy sector. In 2020, Damco Energy SA, a company of Copelouzos Group, acquired 10% of the share capital of Senfluga, effectively sealing a long and constructive dialogue between the two parties that share the same strategic vision.

DESFA offers third party access to the NNGS and the Revithoussa LNG facility, in the most cost effective, transparent and direct way, without any discrimination among Users and User types, following the European and National regulatory framework. Other services provided by DESFA relate to: Operation & Maintenance to gas transmission and distribution networks, Operation & Maintenance to LNG facilities, Metrology, Inerting, Gassing Up & Cool down of LNG Vessels, Training, Lightning and cathodic protection studies and Natural gas facilities studies.

Possessing extensive experience and having a highly skilled staff, DESFA is a reliable partner in the framework of the ongoing international energy projects in Southeastern Europe.

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