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Involved for 40 years in the analysis and the proposal of innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and the reduction of the environmental impact of industrial applications, CRMT is human-scale R&D company, that brings answers to your problems with customized solutions in:

Pollutant emissions measurements on vehicles

Normative tests (RDE, ISC, EMNR), and non-normative (R&D, technological benchmark, comparison of vehicles and fuels).

Conversion from Diesel to Natural Gas

Conversion of engines, vehicles and machines (first mounts and retrofits)

Design and engineering of gas vehicles, hybrids and expertise

Increased autonomy, hybridization, design of gas and biogas systems for rolling and stationary applications

Natural Gas Engine testing

Studies in test cells (energetical and mechanical development)

CRMT puts at your service its many years of experience in R&D to develop your projects on renewable energy subjects (bioNGV, LNG, CNG, hythane, hydrogen), depollution for meeting the latest standards (Euro VI / 6, Stage), post-treatment systems (catalyst, filters, SCR), engine development, and more.

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