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3 November 2021

NGVA Europe’s Position Paper on the Fit-for-55 Package

NGVA Europe shares its position paper on the different key legislations within the 'Fit-for-55' Package published by the European Commission on the 14 July 2021.

NGVA Europe welcomes the Fit-for-55 Package (FF55) and its increased ambition in reducing the GHG emissions of the transport sector. The industry that NGVA Europe represents is committed to reaching climate neutral mobility by 2050. NGVA Europe is convinced that the only way of doing so is to support all existing clean solutions, including biomethane (both in compressed and liquified forms – bioCNG and bioLNG), in accelerating the decarbonisation of road transport.

For this reason, the FF55 package should focus on massively decarbonising fuels by including all available options within a coherent pathway towards carbon neutrality of road transport. The FF55 package should therefore fully embrace the multifaceted potential of solutions like natural and biomethane to decarbonise road transport by integrating the fuel dimension in the EU legislation.

In order to do so, NGVA Europe has formulated several key recommendations.


Our Fit-for-55 Position Paper can be downloaded here

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