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3 September 2019

NGVA Europe releases 2019 Natural Gas Vehicle Catalogue

  • Today, NGVA Europe released its 2019 Natural Gas Vehicle Catalogue which includes comparable data and a comprehensive overview about 68 vehicles available on the European market.
  • This comprises 23 passenger cars, 11 light commercial vehicles, 13 trucks and 21 buses for both private use and business.
  • Together with general information, the catalogue also provides short information about environmental and fuel price benefits of the use of gas in transport.

Today, over 1.4 million Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are driving on European roads. These vehicles are supported by a vast European network of 3,665 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and 214 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuelling stations. Both vehicle fleet and station network are constantly expanding across Europe.

CNG and LNG mainly consist of methane that is increasingly produced from renewable sources in the form of biomethane and synthetic natural gas. Natural and renewable methane can be mixed at any rate, thus driving a progressive and flexible switch to carbon neutrality.

Andrea Gerini, NGVA Europe Secretary General, commented: “The 2019 catalogue confirms the major role of gas across the different segments of the European mobility market. Thanks to the realisation of the circular economy model, CNG and LNG technology can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95%, representing an important asset for our environment and domestic industry.”

Natural gas is transport comforts also with lower noise levels of up to 50% less compared to diesel. At the same time, NGVs are affordable solutions able to support both personal mobility and freight transport.

The catalogue is available for download here.


Download this Press Release here.

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