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26 November 2021

LNG and Bio-LNG trucks to cut carbon: ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability 2021’ for gas-powered Volvo trucks

Volvo Trucks’ natural gas and biogas trucks have received the ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability 2022’ in Munich. ‘Transport’ newspaper has presented the award for the sixth time. Every two years, the awards give recognition to companies and products from the commercial vehicle industry which combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection in a special way – and whose sustainable actions lead to additional growth and prosperity.

Volvo Trucks won first prize in the ‘trucks with gas drive’ category with the Volvo FH and Volvo FM with LNG and Bio-LNG drive, which were introduced in 2018. “Particularly economical in consumption – that's how Volvo's two LNG trucks beat the competition,” writes the jury in its assessment.

Gas-powered trucks are an important part of Volvo Trucks' strategy on the road to lower CO2 emissions in long-haul transport. According to Volvo`s recent press release, their LNG-powered trucks have the same high performance and low fuel consumption as a diesel-powered Volvo truck, but significantly lower CO2 emissions. When natural gas is used as fuel, CO2 emissions drop by 20 percent. However, when running on renewable biogas, emissions can drop by up to 100 percent. The jury also considered a number of other parameters in its decision, such as safety, comfort and recyclability.

The use of LNG was initially seen by many only as a bridging technology,” said Peter Ström, Vice President at Volvo Trucks, on winning the awards. “However, we believe that LNG or Bio-LNG is an important component on the road to zero emissions. Volvo Trucks is committed to electric trucks, gas trucks and diesel trucks to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement.”

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