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26 Oct 2020


28 Oct 2020


Virtual Course Small-Scale LNG

Virtual Course Small-Scale LNG

  • Learn about the latest technologies and business models from the world’s leading regions and experts in small scale LNG

In this three-day (morning half-day sessions) course you will get a complete introduction to this exciting new sector by leading experts in the field.

How you benefit

  • Gain a strong understanding of the global LNG landscape
  • Recognise new demand enablers for small scale LNG services and explain new business models for small scale LNG
  • Explain the essential elements of small scale LNG technologies and infrastructure
  • Gain a basic overview of relevant small scale LNG standardisation and regulation issues
  • Be aware of the risks and challenges involved

All members of the NGVA association receive a 10% discount on participation. Please mention the NGVA association on the registration form.

For more information please visit the following link or feel free to contact [email protected].

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