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21 Oct 2020


23 Oct 2020


Oil&nonOil 2020

During the years, Oil&nonOil has reflected the technological and organisational transformation of this sector and represented the ideal opportunity to analyze all regulatory changes as well as commercial and marketing strategies. Year after year, the trade fair has stated the gradual growth of the network of independent fuel distribution operators.

This industry has always seen Oil&nonOil as a moment for swapping notes and taking stock of the considerable changes that have shaped the fuel market over the past decade. Oil company executives, independent operators, service station owners, representatives of associations, industry suppliers, hauliers and car wash professionals, all regard Oil&nonOil as a fundamental opportunity to enrich and lend impetus to their activities, as well as learn more about the political and regulatory issues that are determining the future direction of fuel distribution.

This fair deals with fuels as its main focus, but it does so within the more general framework of the topic of mobility and services for mobility in the current era of energy transition. Fossil fuels are set to go on guaranteeing energy for the transportation of goods and people for a few more decades yet, but Oil&nonOil, offering entrepreneurs ideas and suggesting possible processes for renewing and strengthening their activities, highlights new fuel sources and the businesses that they will drive.

As per tradition, there will be plenty of conferences, seminars and workshops offering sector professionals an opportunity to engage in in-depth analysis together, and to gain insights from each other.

The industries exhibiting at the event both support and anticipate change, offering investors greater automation, more security and better controls for operations that are becoming, in some respects, increasingly complex.

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