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1 March 2019

DG CLIMA workshop about the new LCA Study

On the 25th of February, DG CLIMA from the European Commission organised the first stakeholder workshop on the new LCA Study. As a reminder, the consultancy Ricardo has won the tender in June 2018 and as such is going to be the organisation carrying the study on behalf of the Commission. This pilot study is the first of the kind looking at emissions from the whole lifecycle of the vehicle and would be important to the industry as will examine and compare multiple powertrains and fuels. Find more information about the study available here.

The organised workshop was mainly intended to inform and involve organizations in the process. The discussion of the meeting focused on defining the boundary conditions of the study and also sharing the results from a stakeholder survey. Further to that, there were discussions on the vehicle definition, electricity mix and battery manufacturing (and recycling, including second life), also for trucks.

DG Clima pointed out that the methodology will be out of a regulatory target as intended in the review clause of the CO2 regulation at 2023 (both for passenger cars and heavy duty) as it will address typical vehicle categories, not individual vehicles.

NGVA Europe will continue to follow the topic and update members with specific information when available. As a next step, the Consortium is expected to send a stakeholder survey/ questionnaire.

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