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1 March 2019

CO2 emissions standards performance for heavy-duty vehicles regulation – agreement reached

The European Parliament and Council set for the first-time rules for heavy-duty vehicles CO2 emissions, completing what is already in place as climate laws for light duty vehicles.

The ambition level proposed by the European Commission remains unchanged. Overall truck emissions will have to be slashed by 30% by 2030, with a 15% intermediate target in 2025 compared to 2019 emission levels. 2030 target is subject to revision in 2022.

The review should also consider the development of a methodology to include the renewable fuels – both gaseous and liquid – that will make the renewable fuels accountable towards the 2030 targets. The form of recognition of the renewable fuels is to be defined. The association will definitely take stock of the knowledge developed so far regarding traceability of renewable gaseous fuels to support the European Commission in the definition of such a new tool. Besides, the revision will also clarify when the methodology will be applied and consider further complementary points:
a) a common methodology for the assessment and the consistent data reporting of the full life-cycle CO2 emissions of heavy-duty vehicles
b) real-world CO2 emissions and energy consumption
c) assessment of the roll-out of the necessary recharging and refuelling infrastructures.

The political debate around this legislation attracted a lot of attention, both from those who would like to see a clear “silver bullet” solution, as well as from its opponents. This risks to narrow down the debate, neglecting other options like renewable fuels, like for example biomethane to be part of the solution. All solutions need and should be supported in accordance with their environmental and social impact, and the methodology represents the first right step into this direction.

Find NGVA Europe’s related press release (20 February 2019) here.


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