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1 March 2019

Clean Vehicle Directive – agreement reached

On 11 February, the Romanian Presidency reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on a reform of the Clean Vehicle Directive, incentivizing the uptake through public procurements of clean vehicles.

The reform sets out minimum procurement targets for clean light duty vehicles, trucks and busses for 2025 and 2030. The targets are expressed as minimum percentages of clean vehicles in the total number of road transport vehicles. The ambition level varies for each country according to the respective GDP and population. When it comes to buses for both 2025 and 2030, national public procurement targets will range from 24% to 45% in 2025, and from 33% and 66% in 2030. Half of the minimum target for the share has to be fulfilled by procuring zero-emission buses with further reduction incentives for double-decker buses. The other half of the targets can be met with buses which can be powered by alternative fuels as liquified and compressed natural gas.

The text includes a new definition of a ‘clean vehicle’. The definition of a clean light duty vehicle is based on CO2 emission standards. The definition of clean heavy-duty vehicles is based on the use of alternative fuels. Natural gas in its renewable version qualifies as a clean vehicle in both gaseous and liquified form when used in heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, buses and trucks running on natural gas or biomethane, blended or not blended, will count towards the ambition targets, including hybrids.

The agreement will now be submitted for confirmation by member states in the Council.

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