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28 February 2019

CEN Meetings February 2019

In February, multiple CEN TC/326 natural gas vehicles working group meetings were held. In Rome and Brussels, the working group worked on the revision of CNG vehicles in operation and use standard EN 13423.

Progression was also made in the dedicated working group on LNG vehicles in use. The intention is to create two standards for LNG operation in use. The first one is specific for LNG truck workshops. The second proposed standard is a harmonised LNG fuelling instruction and operation. This will mainly be covering LNG truck driver training for fuelling, parking and safety precautions.

The standard for fuelling appliances is intended to be finished before the next CEN TC/326 plenary meeting in the beginning of April. The creation of a standard for emergency-shutdown device connection between the LNG unloading tanker and LNG fuelling station and a standard for LNG-unloading coupler is intended. These intentions started within the NGVA Europe LNG working group and see now effect.

NGVA Europe’s LNG working group will play an important role for these new LNG standard development intentions. The technical reports for CNG & LNG stations standards EN ISO 16923 & EN ISO 16924 will be concluded shortly and will available with the standard. It will involve a comparison of EU appropriate standards and directives as well as technical corrigendum.

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