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WEH Gas Technology has been a pioneer in the field of alternative fuels since 1986. They laid the foundation for the worldwide NGV1 standard by developing a complete range of products for CNG and H2 refuelling: from receptacles and check valves in vehicles to fuelling nozzles, filling hoses, break-aways and filters for fuelling stations. Nowadays, WEH is a leading manufacturer of refuelling systems and partner to many automotive manufacturers.

The products are ideally suited to self-service operation. Safety, ease of operation and the well executed design of WEH-products have led to widespread customer acceptance and are a major step in the development of alternative fuels.

As a long-standing partner to the international automobile, hydraulic and manufacturing industry, our experts have developed advanced solutions for many applications. A lot of these advanced solutions provide evidence of the mature technology of WEH components.

The latest manufacturing facilities and continuous improvement processes guarantee the highest quality standards. WEH GmbH is certified to ISO 9001.

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