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Rolande introduces running on liquified natural gas and (LNG) and liquified Biogas (LBG) for Dutch and European road transport. Running on LNG has already been done successfully in other parts of the world. Running on LNG and LBG is economical, and there are huge environmental benefits. Furthermore, there has been tremendous development of the technology to be able to run using this alternative fuel.

The Netherlands lacks the infrastructure to allow the transport industry to run on LNG/LBG. As long as there are no refuelling facilities, transporters will not switch to this clean fuel. Rolande is convinced of the many advantages of running on liquified natural gas and biogas for road transport. Transporters face increasingly strict environmental requirements and higher costs. The noise produced during loading and unloading is also subject to stricter legislation. Running on LNG/LBG solves these problems without affecting the performance of the trucks.

Rolande has taken the initiative to make it possible to run on LNG/LBG in the Netherlands and parts of Europe. In recent years, this innovative company in Kaatsheuvel has worked hard to build a network for running vehicles on this clean fuel. Rolande received a subsidy from the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs to put the entire supply chain in place – refuelling stations, distribution, purchasing, customers and providing trucks. With this, AgentschapNL is supporting the development of the infrastructure for this new fuel in the Netherlands.

The starting point has been reached. Years of research have led to Rolande being able to introduce this new vehicle fuel to the market. LNG fuel will soon be entirely replaced by the fully sustainable LBG, so that reduction of CO2 by as much as 80% is achieved in the supply chain. The switch to liquified natural gas and biogas is a smart business move, and Rolande will be happy to help you on your way.

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