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Evolution and production of products for use and integration in mobile and local natural gas and hydrogen applications.
The PTEC ltd. company (GmbH) stands for consulting, planning, development, production, service, trade and sales of products for use and integration in mobile and local gas applications.

New and innovative product concepts increase the security and cruising range of cars running with natural gas. Test runs with PTEC products in various/different production type vehicles have already been started.

PTEC products are e.g. pressure tubes, non-return valves, electromagnetic valves, safety appliances as well as custom-designed developments.

The PTEC ltd. company (GmbH) realizes the entire product development process from engineering and prototyping up to approval/registration and patent certificate.

The PTEC ltd. company (GmbH) constantly updates its' technologies via cooperation with universities, partnerships, contacts during expositions and specialized trainings.

The PTEC ltd. company (GmbH) attends to international clients in the automotive industry worldwide.

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