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PRF, recognized Portuguese Company, was founded in 1991, and develops its activity mainly in the natural gas technologies. With an extensive experience, PRF offers a broad range of custom made solutions, in order to fulfil the needs of its clients. The areas of activity include:

> Natural Gas Agencies - In defined geographical areas, in representation of gas distribution concessionaires, PRF carries out all activities related to the commercialization process of Natural Gas.

> Industry - Pressure Reducers and Measurement Systems from the pipeline (GRMS - 80bar) or distribution pipelines (PRM 4-16bar),  industrial distribution gas networks and Biogas Installations.

> LNG Satellite Plants - Plants to supply natural gas to specific sites such as cities or industries which are not covered by the pipeline network. PRF supplies different kinds of plants according to the local characteristics and specifications (ambient or forced vaporization).

> NGV Refuelling Stations – Due to the know-how acquired in the LNG Satellite Stations, PRF started the activity in the NGV Refuelling Stations with the installation of LCNG Stations in Brazil. Nowadays, PRF is a recognized supplier of CNG, LNG and LCNG Refuelling Stations.

In all of these areas PRF provides engineering, design, installation, assistance 24h/day  and maintenance.

The company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified.

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