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French Natural Gas Vehicles Association is the partner for all those who are willing to discover the NGV process whether they are local authorities, public and private fleet administrators or even individuals.

AFGNV was set up in 1994, on the initiative of the French Ministry of Industry to build a federation of the main NGV leaders in France, as Gaz de France and the vehicle manufacturers.

In 2005, Carrefour and Total joined the Association, to help the development of a network of NGV refueling stations.

AFGNV has been growing and now eighty members have joined the Association, such as natural gas suppliers, petroleum companies, equipment manufacturers, vehicle customisers", local authorities, different public organizations, public transportation companies, laboratories, and research institutes, etc.

The Association is the reference for all those who are willing to develop NGV applications.

The aims of AFGNV are primarily:

•To help the diversity of energy supply and environmental protection
•To make the main leaders in the business work together
•To make information available on NGV and to push for wide usage through lobbying
•To play a role in setting industry standards, regulation of the sector, tax elements and ongoing research
A protocol to install the NGV success was signed by the founder members of French NGV Association (Ministry of Industry, Gaz de France, Carrefour, Total, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault automotive and Renault Trucks).

This protocol draws up the key orientations to insure NGV development in France.

This agreement contains two main aims:

•The 1st consists in amplifying the current successes of heavy vehicles.
Objective 2010 : 3.000 city buses and 1.200 trucks.
•The ambition of the 2nd is to install the alternative fuel source - NGV and renewable biogas - for commercial vehicles and private cars with NGV optimized engines.

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