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  • Stations infrastructure and components



LIQAL acts as Design, Build, Maintain and Operate (DBMO) company for turnkey small-scale LNG systems that serve the European market.

We deliver:

  • LNG and LCNG refuelling stations for trucks, buses, ships and trains
  • a fully MID certified LNG dispenser line
  • Micro Liquefaction systems for management of Boil-off gas (onshore and on-board)
  • Micro Liquefaction systems for production of BIO-LNG

The company has hands-on knowledge and experience in design, realization and technical operation of L(C)NG stations.

LIQAL distinguishes itself in the market by providing clever, integrated, high-end LNG fuel solutions that combine high quality standards with low total cost of ownership throughout the life span of asset operation.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


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