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HAM offers integral solutions from Natural Gas, from supply to road transport, as well as engineering, design, installation, maintenance, remote control or logistics ... in order to remain leader in its sector, providing unique and innovative solutions always bidding strongly in new technologies.

Liquified Natural Gas plants and Compressed Natural Gas. Distribution plants: The most of the Spanish gas companies have confidence with us in order to supply natural gas into towns, villages, etc.. where the gas pipe has not arrived.
Industrial plants: Companies where they require a single energetic solution trust with us for help their business. These industries, are mainly electricity cogenerator, tomato producer, paper industries ceramics, oil makers, etc
Vehicular Natural Gas Plants: Our experience in the cryogenic field, in the gas sector and in service stations has given us an excellent background in order to develope Vehicular Natural Gas Installations. HAM can now offer facilities to GNV vehicles with compressed natural gas (GNVC), usually utility vehicles, vans, etc ... or liquefied natural gas stations (GNVL), usually for trucks.
Distinctive elements: Conscients of the high competitiveness because the market challenges and our self requirements of quality of our product, HAM bet on a 2/2 range of differentiating features that make us leaders. Innovation: HAM innovate permanently working directly with its manufacturers, such as services and procedures, also an specific department of R & D has created.

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