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Gazprom JSC


Gazprom is a global energy company basically focused on geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and marketing of gas and other hydrocarbons as well as electric power and heat energy production and distribution.

Gazprom’s mission is to provide maximally efficient and well-balanced gas supply to Russian consumers as well as to secure a high degree of reliability when implementing long-term gas export contracts.

Gazprom Group possesses the world’s largest natural gas reserves. As of December 31, 2008 the Group’s A+B+C1 resources were estimated at 33.1 trillion cubic meters.

Gazprom’s share in the global gas production is about 20 per cent.

Gazprom owns the world’s largest gas transmission system capable of uninterrupted and long-distance gas delivery to Russian consumers and abroad. Gazprom gas trunklines stretch 159.5 thousand km.

Increasing the security of gas supplies to European consumers is one of Gazprom’s strategic targets. For this purpose Gazprom has initiated the new gas transmission projects – Nord Stream and South Stream – that will make it possible both to diversify export routes of Russian gas and to secure additional opportunities for raising gas export.

Gazprom is implementing a staged strategy of expanding its presence on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market.
Oil business development and competitive presence in the power generation industry are the strategic goals of Gazprom on its way to become the leading global energy company.

Development of the Russian NGV market is one of the lines of the Company’s activities. Gazprom operates 206 CNG filling stations, at which 305 Mcm of gas were sold in 2010. By the initiative of Gazprom the Blue Corridor Project was launched at the beginning of this century. The NGV business is facilitated by the Russian National NGV Association – NGVRus.

Environmental protection is a main principle of Gazprom daily business activity. It carries out business activities in strict compliance with the international and Russian environmental legislation.