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Gasrec Ltd

United Kingdom

Gasrec is a producer of liquid methane fuel utilising gas generated by the decomposition of biomass. We obtain our gas supply from existing landfill sites or from controlled digestion of the biomass byproducts of food manufacture, retail and other industries. In creating and selling the fuel product, Gasrec recovers the latent energy stored in material discarded by society to power vehicles,especially those operating in the urban environment, or to generate electricity or CHP (Combined Heat and Power).

LBM is a clean fuel at a competitive price suitable for any vehicle able to run on CNG or LNG

LBM not only offers an alternative to fuels generating harmful greenhouse gases which damage the atmosphere, but also burns more cleanly than liquid fossil fuel equivalents (diesel or petrol), with a 90% reduction in particulate production, a 60% reduction in Nitrous Oxide and a 50% reduction in Sulphur Dioxide. On a well to wheel basis the CO2 savings achieved by using LBM as a fuel substitute for fossil diesel or petrol are in the region of 70% (per JEC2006 and CONCAWE studies).