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Gasfin SA


Gasfin SA, Luxembourg was founded in 2006 with the objective of promoting, developing and implementing the “natural gas to LNG markets” business, as most sustainable fuel alternative solutions available for the mobile transport and stationary industries, in short-medium terms.

Gasfin specialize in preparing, arranging and implementing energy supply projects with focus to bring synergies between natural resources owners, operators and end-users. Given the wide range of activities that cover natural gas production, transportation and logistics, storages and distributions systems, as well as, complex geopolitical realities in connecting gas supply with prospective markets, Gasfin builds its approach on strengthening presence in strategic natural gas sourcing locations as CIS, MENA and Caribbean. Our key driver is to create excellent opportunities for natural gas producers, investors, operators and consumers while advancing natural gas as viable alternative not only for heat & powers, but also for fueling mobile engines on earth, waters and skies, with multiple benefits over other conventional hydrocarbons

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