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Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Assocation


The Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Assocation is a non-governmental organization of companies, individuals and associations with interest in the biogas field.

The Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Assocation promotes the use of biogas technology for production of renewable energy for traffic, work engine, power and heat as well as fertilizers. The primary source material of interest is biowaste (liquid and solid) making the association also a waste management organization in addition to a renewable energy organization. The scope of activities include agricultural energy crops, too. Anaerobic digestion is the core technology, but technologies for production of synthetic biogas (such as thermal gasification of waste wood) are also included in the field of activities.

Use of biogas in traffic and working engines, such as tractors, is an active area of interest within the Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Assocation and many of its members.

Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Assocation is an independent expert organization giving statements and participating working groups and projects for development of legislation and technology. The association gives expert testimonies for Parliamentary and other decision makers, gives presentations for different interest groups, media and the general public, organizes seminars and participates events organized by other organizations. The association publishes a biogas magazine and other publications, and interacts with mass media.

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