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 The Association of Gas and District Heating Supply Companies (FGW) is the independent, legally commissioned representative for Austria's natural gas and district heat industries. FGW works together with its members to ensure that natural gas and district heat are used in Austria in an economical, safe and environmentally friendly manner.
FGW sees its main function in developing, formulating and representing the Austrian natural gas and district heat industries' standpoints in interactions with the general public, government, Chambers of Labour and political groups.

To this end FGW provides information to decision-makers and engages in targeted public relations efforts. FGW collects data, informs its members about international developments and coordinates internal discussion processes. Objectivity, transparency, consistency and sustainability are FGW's guiding principles.

FGW's long-term goals:
• To improve the natural gas and district heat industries' levels of performance and competitiveness
• To ensure future natural gas and district heat supplies on the basis of sufficient capacity in the necessary infrastructures
• To promote the use of natural gas and district heat as environmentally friendly energy forms
• To create the context necessary for technical and economic development in the natural gas and district heat industries
• To create uniform technical regulations for the Austrian district heat industry.

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