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Federmetano, established in 1948, has been engaged in developing the natural gas market for vehicles in Italy since then. It is a trade association for owners of natural gas fuelling stations. Some members also supply and transport natural gas using gas cylinder transport trucks, for vehicle, civil and industrial uses and emergencies on NG pipelines. Since 2009, shops specialised in the conversion and maintenance of NGVs were also allowed to join the association.

What Federmetano does:
- Protection of the sector, representation of the interest of our members before Ministries, authorities and trade union associations;
- Research into technical issues related to the sale and transport of natural gas with
special regard to safety and new market prospects: bio-NG, LNG, dual-fuel
- Promotion of events focused on NG and NGVs (congresses, conferences and
trade fairs);
- Communication to the members/associates, official visibility guaranteed through
specialized press reviews and website
Services provided by Federmetano:
- Assistance with technical and regulatory issues for companies;
- Nationwide and local promotions through agreements with vehicle manufacturers
and conversion kit manufacturers;
- Business agreements/offers for supplies with gas cylinder transport trucks;
- Assistance and business advice on natural gas supply contracts;
- Targeted training courses;
- On-line access to the latest information with regular publications;
- Trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings;
- Annual membership service to car conversion shops.

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