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ENOS LNG is a member of Plinstal group. Plinstal is a local energy supplier, mostly dealing with natural gas, electricity, hot water and steam. Within the group, technology for natural gas liquefaction was developed. Micro LNG plant was built primarily for our own backup fuel and peak-shaving needs. With goal to develop wide range of possible applications in use of LNG, specialized company ENOS LNG was established.

Development activities are focused on two different fields.

The use of natural gas in industry and in households is the first one. LNG enables peak-shaving for larger users and natural gas distributors. It also enables access to natural gas in regions without pipeline connection. ENOS LNG is developing individual applications for users in all these cases.

The second field is linked to the consumption of natural gas in transport. ENOS LNG´s economic environment is underdeveloped in respect of using natural gas in transport. Projects with refuelling stations for public and private vehicles (buses, tracks, taxis etc.) are in the centre of these activities. Popularization and accessibility to natural gas vehicles, engine conversions and CNG refuelling stations are connected to these projects on local market while LCNG refuelling technology is interesting for the entire region.

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