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  • Research & Engineering services



Empa's research and service activates are divided into 5 research focal areas (RFA):

- Nanotechnology

- Adaptive Material Systems

- Materials for Health and Performance

- Materials for Energy Technologies

- Natural Resources and Pollutants

Within the RFA "Natural Resources and Pollutants (NAREP)", CO2 mitigation projects in the mobility sector are a main focus. The goal is to develop and demonstrate low polluting, low-CO2 emitting and high efficient powertrains on a gaseous fuel concept. On the gaseous fuel approach, the development of more efficient methane gas powertrains and their hybridization, the investigation of hydrogen enriched methane gas fuel and the development of hydrogen driven motor vehicles concepts are the main activities. In parallel, the understanding of catalytic methane conversion and the development of exhaust aftertreatment concepts with higher methane conversion efficiency is an important target.