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Dourogas Natural, S.A.


Grupo Dourogás emerged from the need for natural gas supply to the populations of the North of Portugal through LNG plants in the mid-90s. Nowadays, became one of the main suppliers in this region.

The group dominates itself all the downstream supply chain (storage and distribution) of natural gas. Its structure is now composed of about 220 employees. Dourogás develops its activity in the project, construction and commissioning of natural gas facilities. For that, has created several companies over the years with specific technical characteristics. Over than 60% of its workforce is specialist in maintenance and repair of natural gas facilities.

The mission of the group is to provide a competitive and sustainable source of energy on both industrial processes and domestic customers.

In the year 2012, a new milestone was achieved bringing all the natural gas advantages to the mobility and road transport, supported by the restrictive EU directives concerning to the limits of pollutant emissions in road transport, the group projected and started to implement a national filling stations network of natural gas to vehicles, becoming the first Portuguese operator on the NGV business. Currently, Dourogas Natural, a 100% portuguese owned company, part of Dourogas Group, runs 8 CNG and C-LNG stations. About 50 heavy-duty trucks and garbage urban vehicles, as well more than 300 city bus, are daily refilled in Dourogas NGV stations, covering the main a part of the portuguese territory.

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