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Among the strategic objectives of DEPA is the continuous natural gas supply at competitive prices, maintaining its leading position in the domestic market, while enhancing its presence inside and outside of Greek territory by developing new applications and natural gas services.

DEPA is the immediate natural gas supplier of:

  • Electricity producers
  • Large customers with annual consumption of over 10 million m3
  • Gas Supply Companies (EPAs)
  • End users in regions where Gas Supply Companies have not yet been established.

DEPA’s focus is on new technologies and commercial activities. Cutting-edge applications include:

  • cogeneration and air conditioning
  • remote regions’ supply with compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • natural gas use in the agriculture sector

Gas-Powered Vehicles

With two refueling stations in Attica, which rank amongst the largest in Europe, DEPA supplies about 600 buses of public transport and 102 municipality refuse collection vehicles. Public and private use vehicles may refuel with natural gas at the Anthousa Station.

The extensive pollution problem in major cities requires the use of a more economical and environmental-friendly fuel. Among DEPA’s long-term objectives is to increase the use of natural gas in sustainable transport
The benefits of natural gas use, both environmental and economical, are worldwide positively assessed. According to estimations the gas-powered vehicles on global scale reach 11.5 million, while in Europe, over 1.5 million vehicles use natural gas. EU proposes governments to offer incentives for natural gas to be used as fuel, in order dependence on oil to be reduced, and the environment to be protected.

DEPA has already been developing the necessary infrastructure for the supply of gas-powered vehicles, and today 600 public transportation buses and 102 municipality garbage collection vehicles use natural gas as fuel.

DEPA has two refueling stations in Attica, in the areas of Anthousa and Ano Liosia. Their capacity reaches 5,000 cubic meters/hour (Nm3/h), ranking them among the largest in Europe. Since September 2010, Anthousa Station supplies Medium-Duty Vehicles (MDVs) and Light-Duty Vehicles (LDVs) of Dual-Fuel or Bi-Fuel technology.

DEPA’s future plans for sustainable transport include installing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Pumps in Stations of the Athens-Thessaloniki Highway, and in the cities of Larissa and Volos. Furthermore the collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in order the use of natural gas for the vehicles in Thessaloniki to be promoted, was recently sealed by the signing of a Memorandum of Collaboration between the Municipality and DEPA

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