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Italy was founded in 2005 by four CNG enthusiast car drivers with some experiences in other web communities, with the aim of becoming web reference for users, curious and natural gas operators. The list of CNG/LNG stations of 32 European countries and Turkey is the most accurate available in Europe. The mobile apps are a precise and very appreciated tool for CNG drivers. Today we have more than 32.000 registered users and a complete coverage of topics about CNG, LNG and biomethane,

Today it is the web reference point in Italy and abroad for all those who want to understand a little more about an ecological and economic way to use their vehicles with various connections with other European sites and government offices; it is a reference for Aci (Italian Automobil Club) for mileage costs; it is the reference of the Guarantor for Price Surveillance; the webiste is available in three other languages (English, German and French); various and consolidated national and international relationships with organizations, associations and foreign companies in the methane/CNG sector.