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16 October 2017

Why does transport need g-mobility?

The transport sector is affected by a multiple opportunities and challenges. While decarbonisation has been a priority for EU-makers for years, other issues top the legislative agenda now, too. This is the case for deteriorated air quality, a grave issue that cities and citizens across the globe are facing. Politicians and economists are striving to find the most economic ways to meet the climate goals and improve energy efficiency as well as lowering air pollution. Policies tackling both the use of renewable energy sources in the transport sector and the reduction of emissions, both CO2 and pollutants are being discussed right now.

The need to push for alternative fuels opens a new debate. The general determination to move towards zero-emission mobility needs to be addressed in a coherent way. There is a need to tackle several aspects of mobility, from energy production to rolling out specific infrastructure for vehicles and components itself while preserving European industry’s competitiveness and leading position in vehicles manufacturing. The debate on emissions can go even further and include recycling, in addition to fuels and vehicles production and use.

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