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8 October 2021

Taxonomy: NGVA Europe keeps pushing for the recognition of gas and biomethane in road transport

Continuing to raise its voice, NGVA Europe joined 11 European partner associations which are representing the energy and transport sectors to co-sign another Joint Letter. In this Joint letter, the associations are expressing their regrets to see that the scope of the 'Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act' which was adopted in June 2021 did not include key economic activities in the EU energy sector, most notably natural gas-related activities, including in road transport.

Since the European Commission has clarified that the consideration of such activities would be covered, as transitional, in a “Complementary Delegated Act” to be adopted after summer 2021, NGVA Europe together with its partners take this opportunity to reiterate its main concerns on the way natural gas and other energy-related activities should be addressed.

You can access and download the joint statement here for more details.

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