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6 October 2021

RED II Implementing Rules for voluntary schemes – Union Database

Together with Eurogas, GIE, ENTSOG, EFET, EBA, GERG, SEA-LNG and GD4S, we have shared our concerns with the proposed RED II implementing rules for voluntary schemes, laying down provisions of the Union Database published for the public consultation on 29 June 20211.

Our associations fully recognise the legal obligation introduced by the RED II and support the objectives of the European Commission to bring to the market instruments that will help support the achievement of the Fit for 55 objectives, without adversely affecting underlying commodity
markets, with minimum administrative burden and which would be fraud resistant. As outlined below, the proposal appears not to be suitable for gaseous fuels and endangers the deployment of renewable energy sources which the Commission has indicated as their preferred means of achieving net zero carbon emissions. It would also undermine the principle of technology neutrality by creating additional administrative burden for renewable gas technologies, thereby putting at stake achievement of ambitious goals in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Download the joint letter as pdf here


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