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19 February 2021

President Dr Timm Kehler on CO₂ emission performance standards for cars and vans

Dr Timm Kehler, President of NGVA Europe and CEO of the German Association for Gas (Zukunft Gas) participated in this year’s event of the Blue Corridor Virtual Rally 2020-21 in Paris hosted by the AFGNV. Mr Kehler spoke about the necessity for a reform of the flawed EU fleet target regulation which is due to be revised in the light of the EU Commission’s Green Deal until June 2021. Mr Kehler spoke on behalf of NGVA Europe, stressing the need to include biomethane in the fleet target regulation for passenger cars and vans as well as for trucks. Without a crediting for bio methane in the fleet target regulation, the potential of an already available option for climate-neutral transportation will be neglected in the future. With regard to almost no significant CO2 reductions in the last years in EU’s transport sector, EU decision makers should consider all technical solutions for reducing greenhouse gases and include bio methane in the fleet target regulation.

The full video of the event can be found under the following link:

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