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11 December 2019

NGVA Europe welcomes the European Green Deal

Brussels, 11 December 2019 – Today, the European Commission officially released the ‘The European Green Deal’, a comprehensive plan guiding the climate policy choices for the next five years. The final objective is to reach climate neutrality in 2050 by increasing the overall ambition across several, contemporary sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and finance.

NGVA Europe welcomes this important effort of recognising the synergies between all these sectors. It is in fact the first political attempt of presenting a comprehensive vision under the same climate hat, which will ramp up actual CO2 reduction.

This is an approach NGVA Europe always supported as it is rooted in the nature of a fuel like renewable gas. Besides sectorial coupling, renewable gas offers sectorial integration with waste management and agricultural sectors, thus enabling a clever approach to the treatment of waste materials. While producing sustainable energy, high quality by-products like bio-fertiliser are generated. This is the perfect example of how to realise the circular economy model, targeting emissions also in agriculture and waste. To quote President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen: [a model of] “growth that gives back more than it takes away”.

The increase of the overall level of ambition will have to be handled carefully to avoid that climate urgency will trigger a social urgency. This can be ensured through a progressive energy transition, elaborated in cooperation with the European industry, where synergic changes will lead to concrete steps forward against climate change.

Secretary General Andrea Gerini added “No technology should be privileged over others, but all solutions accounted for their sustainability benefits. A holistic approach looking at all solutions that contribute to meeting the EU energy, environmental, climate and circular economy goals is required to ensure a level-playing field. Natural gas technologies combined with renewable gas can contribute today to a carbon neutral mobility”.


Download this press release as pdf here.

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