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8 November 2017

NGVA Europe on the second Mobility Package

Well-to-wheel approach can accelerate transition to transport decarbonisation.

NGVA Europe welcomes the publication of the EU Commission’s second part of the Mobility Package and stresses the importance to introduce a more comprehensive approach for assessing the environmental benefits from the mobility solutions. In this context, the well-to-wheel approach can guarantee a fair and complete evaluation of the decarbonisation effect among different solutions, and it results as a fundamental booster to introduce more renewable energy sources in the transportation sector in a cost-effective way.

Ensuring that the EU transits to low-carbon mobility and improves air quality on a technology-neutral basis is fundamental. Cost-effective solutions for transport decarbonisation are available today already,” says Andrea Gerini, Secretary General of NGVA Europe.


Click here to see the full press release.

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