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21 February 2022

NGVA Europe announces the launch of the LNG e-learning training course for drivers

Press Release

Brussels, 21 February 2022 – The association has launched a European online platform for truck drivers to become competent in refueling with LNG.

NGVA Europe, together with its members, have worked in collaboration with APTH to create this comprehensive training course which takes drivers step-by-step through five modules on LNG refueling and safety operations.

This program is intended to provide truck drivers with information on how to safely refuel an LNG vehicle while avoiding any damage or potential incidents. The five modules encompass: an introduction to LNG, risk prevention, storage and distribution equipment, the refueling procedure (wherein both Iveco-Scania and Volvo systems are covered), and accident prevention.

“We are proud to finally make this training available. It will dramatically improve drivers’ safety when refueling their vehicles. LNG is a low-emission fuel, which offers great environmental advantages, especially when it is produced on a renewable pathway. This online course provides the opportunity to make it even more accessible and safe to use in the long-term,” stated Jens Andersen, Secretary General of NGVA Europe.

Currently, this training is available in English, French and German, while additional languages will be available soon. Each module is interactive and accompanied by a voice narration guiding the trainee in their chosen language. As a general guide, it would take around 1-1.5 hours to complete this training at a normal pace.

Upon successful completion of the training and after passing the quizzes, each trainee will automatically receive a certificate of completion indicating the title of the training they had participated in, when it was taken and by whom. Currently, this certificate does not serve as an official document, and is thus intended for personal use or to demonstrate successful passage of the training to employers.

The training was designed so that drivers can complete it at their own pace; this means that there is no limit to how quickly someone may complete it.

Members of NGVA Europe can benefit from a reduced price when purchasing multiple training courses. For further information, including how to purchase membership access or become a member of NGVA Europe, please follow


Download this Press Release as pdf here.

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