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6 January 2021

Interview with Andrea Gerini in Belgian TV show: “By 2030, one out of three buses will run on gas.” (French)

On 1 January 2021, NGVA Europe Secretary General Andrea Gerini was interviewed by Martine Maelschalck for the series "Positive energy is everyone's business" in Belgian's Canal Z.

Andrea Gerini stated that Europe must reshape the future of the transport system, based on a broad set of solutions, where clean and renewable fuels, including gas, will play an essential role, including in the long-term. “We are on the right track to reach 13 million vehicles and 12,000 service stations offering at least 40% biomethane by 2030.”

The full interview (in French) can be viewed in's YouTube channel here.

YouTube provides subtitles in your language:

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