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4 October 2021

Good news for cleaner cities: Brussels provides aid for sustainable urban transport

Local public transport operators can hope to receive government funding for the conversion of their bus fleets. The EU Commission has now given the green light for funds totaling 1.75 billion Euros. In the future, funding will be provided for the purchase of buses powered by batteries, fuel cells or biomethane.

To protect health and the climate, ambitious activities are needed to reduce emissions from road traffic. Low-emission gas-powered city buses that are on the road practically all day are an investment in the future because they make an important contribution to a better climate.

A climate-friendly bus fleet in public transport contributes to better air. With their ready-to-use technology, biogas-powered buses can immediately improve air quality in inner cities. The quiet drive technology also reduces noise pollution for passers-by and residents at the same time.

EU funding is targeted at municipal utilities and other public transport operators. Through on-site biomethane production, cities with biogas-powered bus fleets can simultaneously use biowaste produced by residents to generate energy. In this way, cities can implement a circular economy that is sustainable.

For a city like Brussels, with 1.2 million inhabitants, the added value of locally produced clean fuel is enormous. From the 173 kg of biowaste that each inhabitant statistically produces per year, 14 kt of renewable gas can be obtained. If distributed to road transport as 40 % blend, a fleet of 75.000 vehicles could be fuelled. The potential outcome would be a 55% CO2 reduction which is equivalent to 85 kt of CO2 avoided in a city like Brussels.

Since the construction of a corresponding charging and refuelling infrastructure is also eligible, the EU's financial support can improve not only public transport but also the supply network for individual, sustainable mobility.

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