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14 November 2018

European Parliament votes on the regulation setting CO2 emission standards for new HDVs


Today, the European Parliament voted its final position on the regulation setting CO2 emission standards for new heavy-duty vehicles. The plenary vote decided and calls now upon the European Commission to develop a methodology by the end of 2020 to include the CO2 emissions reduction effect from bioCNG and bioLNG in the computation of the average fleet emissions.

NGVA Europe welcomes the result of the vote which will finally complement the tailpipe emissions approach by introducing the contribution from renewable gas. This will allow the transport system to include a very cost-efficient solution, supporting investments in the infrastructure and driving further developments from truck manufactures into highly efficient natural gas technologies. Natural and renewable gas is an already available fuel solution that is ready to play a fundamental role in supporting the decarbonisation process, and today’s natural gas vehicle fleet is growing fast. While contributing to an immediate quick start of the decarbonization process, natural gas plays also an important role with regard to the air quality in urban areas.

Natural and renewable gas as fuel solution is already standard practice, while its availability and vehicle fleet are growing fast. The recognition of renewable gas is an important step for the European heavy-duty sector towards a carbon neutral future.” – Andrea Gerini, Secretary General of NGVA Europe.

Looking to the environmental targets and the specificity of the heavy-duty sector, it is essential that this new regulation supports and leverages on all effective and sustainable solutions leading to the final aim of decarbonisation in a cost-effective way. Therefore, NGVA Europe hopes that the approach decided by the European Parliament will be followed by the Council to finalise its position by the end of this year.

Strong from the experience of its 133 members all across the entire gas and vehicle manufacturing chain, NGVA Europe is ready to continue in cooperating and supporting the European Institutions to translate today’s decision into an operative, practical and long-term legislative tool to shape a clean and sustainable transport system in Europe.


You can download the press release here.

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