List of NGVA Europe members
Company name:
Denisson Energy S.R.L
Type of company:
The main activities of the company are the production and distribution of CNG, LPG, distribution of diesel and gasoline
Year of foundation:

Denisson Energy SRL

Dacia street 10,

Ramnicu Valcea,

Valcea county,


Contact Person:
Catalin Valutanu - Business Development Manager
+4 0350 809 413
Short Profile:
Long Profile:

S.C. DENISSON ENERGY S.R.L is member of Antares Group and it’s headquarter is in Sibiu. In 2015 Antares Group undertook a major project, opening the first CNG filling station in Romania and investing in 20 new CNG powered buses and the acquisition of a company strategically located in Ramnicu Valcea, on the European Road.

The company was founded in 2012 as a producer and distributor of LPG product- stove and sale, delivery, transportation, installation and commissioning of SKID installations for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). 

Starting with 2013,S.C. DENISSON ENERGY S.R.L was authorized as a distributor of automotive fuel (diesel and gasoline).

In 2015, the company undertook a major project- the opening of the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station in Romania.

About Antares Group

Antares Group was established in 1994 and it’s headquarter is in Ramnicu Valcea. Today, the group includes 10 companies with more than 600 employees, performing different activities as road transportation, light and heavy vehicles autoservice, tourism, construction, processing and selling petroleum products and natural gas. The group's strategy is to develop a sustainable business by continuously improving product and service quality.

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